Rajesh Khanna, the original “Super Star”

By Preeti Arora . May 05, 2008

 Every generation has its share of successful actors. We had Dev Anand who was titled the ‘Evergreen Hero’. Unfortunately, considering this actor has delivered more flops than hits a catty journalist labelled him the ‘Evergreen Zero’. The ’50s had Rajendra Kumar who was also called ‘Jubilee Kumar’. But then in the late ’60s Rajesh Khanna earned himself the tag of ‘Superstar’. Many star aspirants have tried to appropriate this tag. A few films have tried to depict the perils and pitfalls of being a superstar. Yet four decades later Rajesh Khanna remains the only true superstar of Bollywood. His meteoric rise to fame has very few parallels in the world leave alone Bollywood. Rajesh Khanna was a non-entity when he entered the industry in 1964. A couple of his films despite being big banners (Raaz -GP Sippy and Baharon Ke Sapne – Nasir Hussain) had done very badly at the box-office. Nobody knows why Sharmila Tagore who was a top artist at that time agreed to work with a relative newcomer, but she did. And Aradhana happened. The rest as they say is history.


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