Super Star Rajesh Khanna’s First Love

The years 1969, 1970 and 1971, in which the Rajesh Khanna craze swept the country like wildfire


The years 1969, 1970 and 1971, in which the Rajesh Khanna craze swept the country like wildfire, will always be remembered because nothing quite like this mass hysteria ever happened in movie history before.

Aradhana”, “Ittefaq”, “Do Raaste”, “Sachaa Jhutha”, “Safar”, “Aan Milo Sajna,” “Anand”, “Kati Patang”, “Andaz” and “Haathi Mere Saathi” – with bewildering rapidity these films not only became tremendous successes, but they set off and perpetuated a craze that engulfed young and old alike, and hypnotised the entire nation into the sort of concentrated mass adulation which has been afforded, for brief periods, to only one or two other actors before him.

Much has happened in the last few event-crammed years. The craze of the Super Star was momentarily dimmed by some flops in 1972 and 1973. Yet, in this period he had such hits as “Amar Prem”, “Aan Milo Sajna” and “Dushman”.

Talking about himself, Rajesh Khanna says: ‘I was born, an only child to my parents, eighteen years after their marriage, on December 29, 1942. When I was two years old, I was taken to a little village called Dhamalpur, to our ancestral Gods’ temple and named Jatindra, though nobody has ever called me anything but Kaka ever since then.

Though we belonged to a well to do family in Amritsar, my early years were spent in Bombay. My mother explained– “One day there arose some misunderstanding between your father and your aunt. So he took us away from there and brought us to Bombay. Though I was born in a wealthy family, your father was too proud to take any help from anybody.
When we came to Bombay all we could afford was a one-tenement room in a chawl at Thakurdwar. There was no money. There was only your father’s determination. And his hard work. He would have his one cup of tea in the morning and go to work. He had started his own business and had to slog day and night for it.

He never came for his afternoon meal, so on those days I too would skip eating in the afternoons. We have gone through very hard times, son. But in that chawl room which your father and I made a home, in that room, son, I learned the meaning of life…’

Daag” has set the graph zooming upwards again for Rajesh Khanna, but the one woman who remains unfazed in Rajesh Khanna’s memory even now, the woman who taught him life, happens to be no more.

Her arms were always a refuge for me from the fearful, unknown world. I would rest my head on her bosom and shut my eyes. And magically, all my problems, my fears, would vanish into thin air. Yes. She was my mother, the first love of my life..’

As the first one fazed away, leaving him only to love her in his memories, another stepped in, as though guided by destiny to become his wife and the mother of his children – yes, the second one, Dimple, was on her way by then!

Reproduced from the original article published in Cine Blitz. Copyrights exclusively owned by VJM Media Pvt. Ltd.



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