Aakhri Khat – 1966





Production Year 1966

Language Hindi

Genre Drama

Producer  : Himalaya Films

Director Chetan Anand

Music Director Khayyam

Star Cast Rajesh khanna, Indrani Mukherjee, Nana Palsikar, Maruti, Tun Tun, Master Bunty,

Colour Colour 

 Synopsis  :

Akhri Khat is a black and white movie made in 1966.

Rajesh Khanna is a student who loves a girl of a village – Indrani Mukherjee. He comes to the city and has to leave for his education. The girl meanwhile gets pregnant and gives birth to a little boy. Carrying her 1 year son she comes to Mumbai to meet Rajesh Khanna. She dies leaving her son alone.

Rajesh Khanna comes know all through a letter, realizes his mistakes and takes help of police to find his wife and son. He breaks down when he find his wife’s body. His resolve to search for his son gets more strong. The whole story follows the child how he survives in such a big city- how he drinks milk from the milk bottles left on people’s doorsteps by the milk man, avoids accidents etc.. The camera follows him everywhere. The climax is really moving. The baby boy is cute.

The story is new and moving. The music is fine. The acting is first rate. Direction by Chetan Anand is astounding. Rajesh performs well- looks lean and young. It is a great and completely different movie.

1. Aur kuch der theher – Mohd. Rafi

2. Baharon mera jeevan bhi sawaaro – Lata M.

3. Mere chanda mere nanhe – Lata M.

4. Rut jawaan jawaan raat meherban – Bhupinder Singh


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