Wafaa – 2008

Wafaa – 2008


Love, Passion, Deception, Murder : ‘Wafaa’ the new movie which stars Bollywood Super Star Rajesh Khanna and  Sara Khan.

The movie will sure have sexual tone in the dialogues which can be seen from the videos, Super Star Rajesh khanna’s decision to choose this movie to make a comeback. The Pakistani actress in the movie is dressed too much, too shoddy in certain scenes and too less and too provocative in many scenes. The movie is directed by Rajesh Sawant. Rakesh Sawant, has in the past made skin flicks like ‘Hot Money’. Even the Censor board has cleared ‘Wafaa’ with an ‘A’ certificate. Sudesh Berry as Harry: A senior Officer in Thailand. He is a dynamic and honest man. He is respected by police force and most trusted man in CBI agent – Mike. He Love’s Guns and Women’s. He is given the task to solve a murder involving Mrs. Beena Chopra. A murder so unusual and mysterious, Will he be truthful , Do you know the one who love WAFAA. Tinu Anand as Mike: A CBI agent at Thailand. He is an honest and righteous Man. He is a man of principals. He is always been true to his to his duty. He loves challenges. Challenges of solving mysterious of murder. Together with his most trusted senior officer – Harry – he is about to face a usual murder and mystery of his career and do you know the one who love WAFAA. Introducing pakistani actress Saara Khan as Beena: A 25 year old young women. She is an airhostess, beautiful, sensual and sexy. Her dreams are big. She always wanted name – fame – wealth – and status. She is a dreamer, an achiever. An achiever to achieve she can go to any extent. Even extent to marry a man twice her age – Amit Chopra .. but … do you know the one who love WAFAA. Plot summery : Alcoholic womanizer Shyam meets with Shanti and gets married to her. On their wedding night, a friend of Shyam’s lures Shanti away on the pretext that Shyam is hospitalized due to an accident, and takes her to a brothel, and attempts to force himself upon her. The police raid the place, and Shanti is arrested for prostitution. Shyam comes to the jail, tells her that he is ashamed of her, disowns her and leaves. Shanti is released from jail, as there is no evidence to hold her, and starts her search for Shyam. She soon finds out that Shyam has married again, and is living with his mom and dad. She goes to see a lawyer, Saraswati, who agrees to represent her, and get Shyam to admit that he is married to her. When confronted with a legal notice, Shyam denies ever knowing, leave alone marrying a woman named Shanti. Saraswati gets herself involved in obtaining proof of this marriage, and the matter is taken to court. It is there that Shanti finds out who Shyam’s second wife is. Super Star Rajesh Khanna gets cozy with young Saara: He will be seen doing lovemaking scenes with a young actress in this movie. In this movie the sexagenarian actor playing a role of a millionaire who gets married to a sex-starved airhostess. The girl, however, marries him not for love but for his money. Soon she is sleeping around with another man of her age. The role is played by Pakistani siren Saara Khan. Though other senior actors might squirm at the thought of romancing a girl that’s just 20 years old, Super Star Rajesh Khanna had no such compunction. According to him, the lovemaking scenes with the young actress are justified because they are demanded by the film’s script. Super Star Rajesh Khanna says ‘Wafaa’ is not a sex flick but a “mature love story with strange twists”. Meanwhile, Super Star Rajesh Khanna is taking more and more acting assignments. He is learnt to have signed as many as eight movies. Super Star Rajesh Khanna as usual his acting very very superb.


After going through the long interview of Kaka on 20.12.2008, it seems that media is highlighting some bold scenes of Wafa in an exaggarated manner. There are other factors as well in this film,such as performance of Kaka, his most dynamic and perfect characterization as Multimillionaire of Thailand and he looks really most handsome and glamorous in the role, especially in the song of Tere Bagair… . But strange the media only creating nonsense about some bed scenes and kissing scenes. First of all we should look after that upto what extent these scenes are present in the main film. As per Kaka versions it has given a U certificate and there is no question of controversial scenes.


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