Pancham – RD Burman THGHT : Oonche Log (1985)dil kyaa chaahe

Re: [Pancham] THGHT: Oonche Log_dil kyaa chaahe

Hi George

Oonche Log was a bad remake of Dilp kumar’s Dil diya dard liya.

Story line was around: The hero of the story is working as a servant in a
Royal family, He then falls in love with the princess and as her brother
comes to know about this, he makes our hero run for his life. then the hero
discovers that he also belongs to another royal family.. and as he gets the
power he takes his revenge on everybody including the heroine.

But Oonche Log had Rajesh Khanna – Salama Agha… who would go in theaters
to see them? R.D. was again ignored.

and by that time new breed of music directors were on, who would work in
lesser money, quick job (lifting from western music) and instant hit songs
based on these. I think RD mainly was pushed behind because of this.

But there comes a great pain thinking about all the banners for which RD had
given constant hits like The Sippys, Nasser Husain, Rahul Rawail etc.
suddenly forgot RD.

It was not RD’s music, it was the poor films they produced.



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