Super Star Rajesh Khanna – His films evoked protests too

Rajesh Khanna played it safe when it came to choosing his subjects. Only on a handful of occasions did he step out of his comfort zone to dabble in films with political shades. Later to be an MP himself, he once starred in Dasari Narayana Rao’s “Aaj ka MLA Ram Avtar.” A remake of “MLA Yedukondalu”, a ban was sought on the film by many political leaders. Following constant protests and threats, distributors-exhibitors decided to underplay the first part of the name in the film’s posters. So the layman mistook it for Ram Avtar!

Shakti Samanta’s “Awaaz” was another film with a political shade. At that time the protests were muted.

Yet another film of Rajesh Khanna to court trouble was K. Raghavendra Rao’s “Masterji.” This time the problem arose because of alleged vulgarity in the film, which was promoted as Sridevi’s ‘bare-all’ act.

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