Bollywood’s delicious Khana tribute to Rajesh Khanna


Bollywood’s delicious Khana tribute to Rajesh Khanna

S T Beuria , Sep 15, 2012 :

Rajesh Khanna mesmerised and won hearts of lakhs of Indians with his extraordinary acting skills in late 1960s and 70s.

The superstar of Bollywood, who passed away in August after a prolonged illness, was also a food lover, if one would go by numerous articles written on him after his demise.

No wonder. A hotel in Odisha capital Bhubaneswar recently decided to pay
tribute to the late actor in a unique way by holding a food festival in his name and the fans of the first superstar of the Hindi movie industry participated in a big way.

“The festival was definitely a great hit,” said Subho Biswas, deputy general
manager of The Crown, the hotel that organised the month-long interesting food festival. The event was christened as “Khanna Khana”.


In soup, the guests were served Gajar Tamatar Ka Shorba, Garam Masala
Shorba, Gosht Keema Shorba, Harayali Murgh Shorba. And for dessert, they had Nawabi Halwa, ice-cream with chips and fudge and caramel custard.

Many of these dishes were hot favourites of the late superstar who had set the Bollywood on fire in 60s and 70s by giving as many as 15 hits in a row, a record no other star of the Hindi movies has been able to surpass so far.

During the festival, Khanna’s fans not only had a taste of the food liked by the late actor but also were entertained with his hit movies like Aradhana, Anand and Hathi Mere Saathi on a wall screen near their dining tables.

The melodious music of the superstar’s movies of 60s and 70s were played in the background. “We showed the movies and played the music as per the choice of the guests,” said Biswas, adding that on the dining tables the guests were also provided with napkins in which hit songs of Khanna’s movies were printed.

The walls of the hotel’s restaurant  were also decor­ated with Khanna’s photographs from his hit movies.

The brain behind organising such an unique food festival was Debashis Patnaik, one of the directors of the hotel who himself is an ardent Rajesh Khanna fan.

“The fans of the late superstar have been paying their tributes to him by
organising musical nights across the state. We thought of doing something different. As we are in the business of hospitality, we decided to pay our tribute by organising the food festival in his name. Moreover, the late superstar was a foodie too”, stressed Patnaik.

On the dishes and delicacies liked by the late Bollywood actor, Patnaik said that he came to know about them from one of his friends who had an opportunity to dine with the superstar a few years back. “One of my friends had an opportunity to dine with him where he (Khanna) had spelled out the dishes he liked. Besides, we had also gathered some information about his food interests on the internet,” Patnaik said.

The success of “Khanna Khana” has prompted the management of the Bhubaneswar-based hotel to organise similar month-long food festival in the name of other Bollywood actors and stars. “We have decided to hold a Bollywood star food festival every month”, said Biswas.

In fact, another food festival has already begun in the hotel for Khanna’s son- in-law and mega star Akshay Kumar who is not only a foodie like his late father-in-law but also worked as a chef before his foray into Hindi film industry. He had hosted a cookery show on television recently.

The food carnival on Kumar’s name has been christened as “Khiladi Khana” — keeping in mind his Khiladi series of successful films like “Khiladi”, “Main Khiladi to Anadi”, “Khiladi no 1” and “Khatron Ka Khiladi”.

The hotel management, however, clarified that the food festival with Akshay
Kumar theme was organised immediately after Rajesh Khanna festival not because the Khiladi star is related to the late actor. “Akshay Kumar’s birthday is in September.

Therefore, we decided to select him as our theme for the new festival”, said Biswas.
Interestingly, “Bollywood” is the name of the hotel’s restaurant where these unique food festivals are being held.

“The name of our restaurant was Bollywood 70 when the hotel was set up more than a decade ago. Now it has been changed to only Bollywood after renovation,” said Patnaik, adding the name was incorporated because like cricket, the word Bollywood evokes a lot of interests among the common people.


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