Shri Nalin Shah Seen With Late Super Star Rajesh Khanna and Shri Vinod Mehra


Shah Group is the result of the efforts, hard work and vision of Shri Nalin Shah who has shaped the company and taken it to its present form.

Seeing the stupendous outcome, Mr. Nalin Shah’s name and fame scaled great heights. Numerous celebrities, politicians and social workers felt it a matter of pride to be associated with this great visionary. Mr. Shah also felt that this interaction would help him to fulfill his social obligations and help him to do his bit for the lesser privileged.

Some of the well known faces from the film industry were close associates of Mr. Shah during his hay days. Two such names are the Late Rajesh Khanna a.k.a. the Kaka of Bollywood and Vinod Mehra the reticent and shy star who was known for his dynamism. It was a memorable moment when these talented stars of the world met each other.

Mr. Nalin Shah with Late Rajesh Khanna and Shir Vinod Mehra

“Mr. Nalin Shah with Late Rajesh Khanna and Shir Vinod Mehra”

These and many similar eminent names have been proud to be associated with Mr. Nalin Shah.


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