Aurat – 1967

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Aurat (1967)
November 4, 2012

Aurat is the remake of the successful tamil film Chitti (1966), played by Padmini. It was a female oriented film and the central character was played by Padmini, along with Pran, Rajesh khanna, Nazeema, Firoz Khan and Lalitha Pawar
The film tells about the suffering of a woman, Parvathi (Padmini) who was in charge of caring her mother and 7 siblings. She is the only earner of the house having 9 members. She wants her brother Suresh (Rajesh Khanna) to be a doctor. She also dreams of getting her mute sister (Revathi) married.

Parvathi was in love with a man (Firoz Khan). She agreed to marry him only after her brother’s studies were over.

Manoharilal (Pran), a widower and a rich man has 6 children and two siblings. He is a womanizer and he wants to marry a young lady, not for caring him and his family, but only for physical relationship. He is now in search for a woman and he arranges a broker for this purpose. The lady whom he wants to marry should have the following features:

“Her face should be as beautiful as Saira Banu,

From neck to hip, her figure should be like Helen,

Hip and walks like Vyjayanthimala

In Total effect she should be like PADMINI.”

Suresh is studying his final year. He needs to remit his fees. Parvathi seeked help from many people including her lover, but no one could help her.

While she returns home, she heard conversation between her brother and a marriage broker speaking about Manoharilal’s proposal to Parvathi. Even though the man is rich, Suresh and mother did not accept the proposal. But Parvathi agreed the proposal and asked the broker to bring him to a temple nearby on next day evening 5 pm. Suresh became very sad and told, “I know why you are marrying that old man. It is for us, for my studies, right? But there are many ways to get money to remit my fee. Sister you please stay back from the proposal. After I become a doctor, I will care my siblings”. But Parvathi don’t agree. She was worried that after he becomes a doctor and marries a girl, he could not care his siblings. But he promised that he will not marry or even fall in love till his siblings were all married.


Padmini and Rajesh Khanna

However Parvathi sacrificed her life and love. Next day she met Manoharilal at temple and made a condition that he should take care of her family and Suresh till he becomes a doctor. He promised to do so and thus Parvathi agreed to marry him.

When Manoharilal’s family heard the news, they were all worried and they were afraid about step mother’s war. Parvathi along with her brother relocated to Manoharilal’s house. Initially the family did not liked her, But later on when they came to know about Parvathi’s character, she was well accepted and became the part of the family. Now she is a caring mother all children of Manoharilal and a loving daughter in law for his mother (Lalitha Pawar).

Days passed, Love blossomed between Suresh and Asha (Nazeema), sister of Manoharilal. When Manoharilal comes to know about their relation, he threw Suresh from his house and stops the financial aid he provided to Parvathi’s family and Suresh’s education.

Suresh started working with brother of Manoharilal, who hates him, to earn money for his studies. Later on he gets financial support from Parvathi’s ex-lover who is now a rich man. It was Asha who managed to go to his hotel to buy money for her lover’s studies. People thought Asha as a prostitute, who earns money through dirty way as she frequently visits hotel and returns with hand full of money.


Pran and Padmini

Manoharilal arranges marriage for Asha. Bride groom visits her; He was shocked as he saw this girl in the hotel who makes money through dirty work. Immediately he told her family that she is a dirty girl. This shocks Parvathi. She beats Asha. But later she comes to know that Asha went hotel for borrowing money from Firoz Khan for Suresh. Suresh passed the final exam. Manoharilal realizes his mistake and gives Asha’s hand to Suresh. Parvathi was given a surprise by Firoz Khan as he married the mute sister. Everything ended successfully. Parvathi’s dream came true. She is now very happy.
One of the main attraction of the film is “dancing queen padmini learns to dance”.
Film was directed by S S Vasan and S S Balan. There were 4 songs in the film penned by Shakeel Badayuni and music by Ravi.

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